Since 2010, George has been traveling throughout the world and occasionally rehabbing old homes while writing DNA-based genealogy stories.

Before that...
"I admire your work and want to bring larger attention to it". - Kevin Stein, former poet laureate of Illinois,, National Endowment for the Arts Poetry Fellow and Professor of English and Director of Creative Writing Program at Bradley University.

Kevin Stein wrote these words about George Aguilar, a digital artist, cinepoet and storyteller utilizing new media technologies to bring poetry, independent cinema and original stories to global audiences.

George is considered a pioneer in creating and delivering cinematic poetry (Cin(E)-Poems) via the web and other digital platforms that enhance the richness of poetry and art. He is an award winning filmmaker known for presenting, unique original stories through emerging art forms including 'mash-ups' and machinima and is an accomplished virtual world modeler and event organizer and designer.

George also led one of the only all-poetry based film festivals in the world (The Cin(E)-Poetry festival 1992-1998), which began as the Poetry Film Festival in 1975. Through his efforts as director of the festival, George provided free copies of festival poetry films to schools and universities around the world and consulted on the creation of several new poetry-in-media around the world including the Zebra Poetry Festival (Berlin), the Sadho Poetry Festival (New Delhi) and the Vancouver Videopoetry Festival (Vancouver). He also consulted on the creation of online poetry media sites such as PoetryVisualized.com.

As the former leader of a literary non-profit organization based in San Francisco (The National Poetry Association), Mr. Aguilar created the first website for a literary organization on the web, spearheaded early efforts in live webcasting of poetry events between major cities (VideoPhone), and was part of the very first efforts to broadcast poetry videos via the web in 1996 (Netvideo/Bluewolf). He also produced major literary events that brought together esteemed poets, such as Maya Angelou, performing with stars from the Poetry Slam movement along with poet laureates. SF Examiner Article.

After leaving his arts administration position with the NPA in 2000, George went on to create a series of award-winning digital cin(e)-poems (a term he coined) that has been presented and broadcast electronically at the Pompideu in Paris, the Reina Sophia Museum in Madrid, Seattle's Bumbershoot festival and at higher educational institutions around the world.

His work in cinepoetry has brought acclaim and notoriety from the academic field with several books and articles written about how his work is useful in bringing more poetry to younger audiences. National trade magazine VideoMaker Magazine wrote, "If anyone can bring videopoetry to the masses, it's Aguilar."

Paralleling his work in cinepoetry, George was an early user of using videogames (machinma) to tell unique stories and poetry. He has since created over 20 award-winning machinima films that explore new techniques in story telling with an emphasis on contemporary issues involving how humanity is changed by technology. He is considered a pioneering machinima-maker from the most popular and successful virtual world (Second Life) under his avatar name of "Cecil Hirvi" http://www.youtube.com/user/CecilHirvi. These machinima works have won awards and acclaim from Australia, Amsterdam, Singapore, the UK, as well as the U.S. His work is the subject of study at Stanford University and the ISTE (International Society for Technology in Education. He also was commissioned to design the first virtual replica of a cultural center in San Francisco in 1998.

Email inquiries to george(at)aguilar.com


1984-89                   B.A. – Media Production, University of California, San Diego, CA

Arts Administration 

1992-1996               Film Festival Director, Cin(E)-Poetry Festival
1996-2000               Executive Director, National Poetry Association, Inc. 1996-2000
2002-2008               New Media Director, South of Market Cultural Center, Jack Davis E.D. RIP
2000-Present          Independent Media Maker, Consultant and Storyteller.

Select Academic Mentions

Poetry’s Afterlife: Verse in the Digital Age, University of Michigan Press, 2010        "Perhaps no one has done more to fuel the interaction of poetry and film than digital artist and filmmaker George Aguilar."  -Kevin Stein former poet laureate of Illinois,, NEA Poetry Fellow and Professor of English, Creative Writing Program at Bradley University.

Poetry Goes Intermedia - Featuring several Cin(E)-Poems by the American Filmmaker and Artist George Aguilar.
By Martina Pfeiler Phd 2010

Cin(E)-Poetry: Engaging the Digital Generation in 21st-Century Response“It was the work of Cin(E)-Poet George Aguilar and teacher David Bengston, co-presenters of a session at NCTE's annual convention in 2001, that inspired the project I report here." - D. Stuart. Cin(E)-Poetry: Engaging the Digital Generation in 21st-Century Response is a journal article by Prof. Denise Stuart and published by the National Council of Teachers of English